If you have questions on what an "Adhesive Template" is or how they are used, please check out our FAQ below. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at Sales@adhesivetemplates.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How do I use an Adhesive Template (demo videos)?

2. I can't view YouTube videos on my device, is there another way to see the demos?

Many companies block YouTube streams.  If you can't view our YouTube videos on your computer, then here is alink to our demonstration videos on an alternate location (DropBox):  

Adhesive Templates How-To Videos

Simply click on the link and select the video that you would like to view.

3. Can I send you my credit card information or store the number?

You can FAX your credit card information to us via FAX at 888-249-3350 or email the completed for to us at Sales@AdhesiveTemplates.com.


Here is our Credit Card information form in WORD DOC format. (Click to download)


Here is our Credit Card information form in ADOBE PDF format. (Click to download)


If you wish, we can store your company credit card number on a secure server (Authorize.net) for automatic billing of future orders.  Email our I.T. Director to get set-up at: Rick@AdhesiveTemplates.com.

4. I can't find the part that I need, what's up?

You can search for a template on our website using either the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle or if you know the part number, simply enter it into our search box.  When searching by part number, make sure to remove any spaces or dashes.


For example, p/n: "BMW X47A-1234-55" should be entered as "BMW123455".  If that doesn't work, try leaving the last few numbers off of your search.  Also, sometimes you will need to add or remove a zero from the beginning of a part number.  If you can't find p/n "4806203", try searching for "04806203".


If you still can't find your part or if your part is shown but you are not able to add it to the shopping cart, we probably don't have it scanned into our system yet and are having difficulty getting one from the manufacturer.  In this case, we can probably help each other!  


If you can scan your part or take a digital picture of it next to a ruler or measuring tape, just email the images to us at SALES@AdhesiveTemplates.com with as much detail as you have (like Year, Make, Model & p/n if known) and we will add it to our growing database of parts.  We will gladly give you a nice big discount for helping us out and your replacement adhesives will be in the mail to you in no time.

5. Does Adhesive Templates sell actual emblems?

Yes.  Adhesive Templates only sells replacement adhesives for your undamaged emblems on our website.  This allows you to re-adhere emblem to repainted vehicle surfaces.  In order to create the exact backings that you need, we purchase OEM emblems new from the manufacturers. 


We sell the actual, unused, repackaged OEM emblems on our eBay webstore at: 

Adhesive Templates eBay webstore


 If you have a special circumstance, you can send us your undamaged nameplate and we will refurbish it and apply the new adhesive and transfer tape to it for you.


6. The site looks odd or I can't see the pictures, why?

If you have Windows 7 or 8, please update your browser to the latest version to access all of the enhanced features of the Adhesive Templates website. 

If you are using an older version of Windows, Microsoft has stopped updating Internet Explorer.  To view our site properly, please download the latest version of Google Chrome, or try the Adobe SVG viewer for Windows (click to download.)

7. How do I Use Audatex Estimating Software When Quoting Adhesive Templates?

To download a powerpoint presentation which shows how to quote Adhesive Templates using the Audatex estimating software, click here: Audatex PowerPoint Presentation  (viewing software or PowerPoint is required.)

8. Can Adhesive Templates help me with my custom emblems?

Yes. Please contact our customer service department who will instruct you on how to send your emblem to our manufacturing facility where we will scan and load the outline to be created with our laser equipment.  The finished product will then be returned to you re-taped and ready for use.

We can also make replacement adhesives using your digital images showing the front and back of the emblem next to a masuring tape or ruler. 

9. How do I know the product works?

Adhesive Templates, working with 3M Automotive, identified an adhesive product that exceeds OEM standards for adhesion and durability.  This product also results in a clean cut that provides a precise cutout that is a perfect fit for every emblem.

10. Can I purchase other supplies related to the re-use of automotive emblems?

At Adhesive Templates, we can supply you with all of the tools and supplies you need to re-adhere your undamaged automotive emblems.

Franmar adhesive remover, 3M transfer tape, 3M molding tapes, cutting tools, soaking pans and more.  These items can be found on our website under the “Supplies” tab.


11. Who can use Adhesive Templates?

Anyone can use Adhesive Templates!  From insurance adjusters to body shops to private automobile enthusiasts, Adhesive Templates can provide the solution you need to save time, money and help the environment!  

If you don't see the part you need on our site, please email us and we will do everything that we can to get your vehicle looking showroom new in no time!

12. Who is Adhesive Templates anyway?

Born in Southwestern Michigan, Adhesive Templates is the brainchild of a bodyshop owner who saw a need in the industry and figured out how to fill it in such a way that everyone involved could benefit.

13. Is there a printable brochure?

Yes!  Here is our double-sided, tri-fold brochure.  It is in PDF format and is suitable for printing: (click on our logo to open the document)

  AT Brochure revision 4

14. I need your W-9 form and/or how do I apply for an open account?

If you would like to apply for Open Account status with us, please download THIS FORM (Click HERE)and send it along with a copy of your W-9 form showing your Federal Tax ID (FEIN) via email to Jim@AdhesiveTemplates.com or FAX them to us at 888-249-3350.


Here is our W-9 form if you need it for your records (click HERE.)

15. CCC ONE - How do I set-up & use Adhesive Templates in CCC One?